Nothing is Perfect.

I’m not a fan of the word perfect. I think it’s an unattainable ideal used to sell us shit we don’t need, and I’m leery of anyone who thinks it’s a compliment. Nothing in this life is perfect.

We’re all messy and beautifully human. We say the wrong things, and we’re too much for some people. But we’re missing out on all the deeper, juicier stuff, if we only search for that unrealistic expectation we have painted in our minds. Whether it’s in ourselves or in a partner.

I’m stubborn as hell, strong willed, and i rant about things that matter to me.

I’m not everyone’s cuppa but I don’t want to be.

I don’t want to play small, and always be polite to be liked. I’m not afraid of an argument, sometimes they’re needed, and produce the most intense connections.
We all have these parts of ourselves that turn people off from us, but they are usually the same things that draw other people to us.

You can’t please everyone. You can’t control much. You sure as fuck aren’t perfect, and that’s okay!


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