Growin’ up in the Fake South! [Poem]

Water will always feel like home.
Dreams of living among the fish
And mermaids.
Memories of sun burnt skin.
Buying aloe lotion in bulk.
Living outside,
Barefoot in the sand.
Dolphins jumping along the horizon.
Tromping through the mangroves.
Mud caked clothes.
Discounted rum, at the beach filled up
Most summer days.
Complaining about the tourists and traffic.
Top down, in someone’s car.
Eighties metal,
Infamy, or better dayz blaring.
Geckos, alligators, and turtles,
A common sight.
Hurricane parties and clean ups.
Soothing sounds of thunderstorms.
Laying in the warm gulf,
As herons poke along behind.
memories of
growing up in the fake south.